The List

1. Learn how to reupholster furniture; 2.Go to Istanbul; 3. Morocco; 4. Greece with Michael; 5. Moon Rave; 6. See the grand canyon and stay in one of those expensive eco-hotels in the south west somewhere; 7. START my own business; 8. Own a bed and breakfast; 9. Grow tomatoes, artichokes and potatoes; 10. Take a photography class; 11. Make candles in old pretty tins; 13. Host a friend-family holiday; 14. Have a baby or adopt with Michael; 15. Give $1,000 to a gay rights charity/group; 16. Ride a bike from SF to Marin; 17. Take a two week vacation from the internet; 18. Learn to be happy for those I’m not happy for; 19. Never stop doing my scrapbooks; 20. Delete my facebook account; 21. Start a blog; 22. Do Karaoke; 23. Read Anna Karinina; 24. Learn baba’s soupchik recipe; 25. Learn baba’s beef stroganoff recipe; 26. Learn baba’s gulluptsie recipe; 27. Start a non-choreography-based dance space/time for others; 28. Re-open my own savings account; 29. Visit friends in NYC; 30. Make my own yogurt; 31. Find a favorite beer; 32. Make a list of my top 10 favorite foods in SF; 33. Ride a horse (again); 34. Learn how to make a floral arrangement; 35. Completely make up a recipe and serve it to friends; 36. Read one fantasy novel; 37. Write a book; 38. Make more than 50k in a year; 39. Live on a vineyard; 40. Fast; 41. Greek dance at a festival; 42. Try out vegetarianism for at least 6 months; 43. Have my home or a creation of mine featured on AT (again); 44. Wear red pumps; 45. Learn to drive a stick shift; 46. Take a picture of every single thing I love in SF; 47. Eat 100 new foods;


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