Beer making class!

Two weeks ago, Michael and I headed out of the city and into the Santa Cruz mountains for a beer making class. My lovely aunt Deb bought two spots in this class for me and Michael, and we’ve been SO excited to go.

The class was held at Love Apple Farms. Nestled up in the Santa Cruz mountains, it was maybe the most visually stunning farm I have ever seen. 



Well, the pictures don’t do it justice. But still. Beautiful.

So the beer making class. Given that I’m trying all these new beers for my 100 beers challenge, learning about how they are made is so valuable.

The brewmaster teacher was awesome. Maybe the most knowledgable and charismatic hobbyist I have ever come into contact with. The whole lesson I just kept thinking this guy needs to be interviewed in one of those discovery channel docs about beer. He’s like this guy about the ancient aliens: 


So here is the teacher, showing us how to make beer (notice the shirt! Lols.)







He showed us how to make a California Common beer, which I learned, is what Anchorsteam is (Michael’s favorite beer!). While I won’t go into detail about the beer making process (lots of science-y words I haven’t heard since high school!) I will say that I learned it’s not that hard. Once you get the equipment and the hang of it, it seems like a lot of experimenting with ingredient levels and timing. This, I can do. Once I live out of the city and I have space to spill without flooding my and my downstairs neighbor’s apartments, I am doing this thing. 

But the best part of this beer making class? The teacher brought a bunch of beers for the class to try! This was the true learning experience for me. He’d have a certain beer poured for all of the students, and then we’d talk about how it tasted. This is how I really learned what “hoppy” tasted like. 


So, here are beers #24-31!


24: Josephs Brau PLZNR Czech-Style Lager

25: IPA home-brew by our talented teacher

26: Boulder Creek Dragon’s Breath IPA

27: Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Bock

28: Seabright brewery’s Oatmeal Stout

29: Mission St. Anniversary Ale 2012 (This was described as a Strong Brown Ale.)

30. Our teacher’s friend’s brew: Wee heavy Scottish Ale (this was delish!)


And for good measure, this is a picture of Michael at Love Apple farms petting the fuzziest bunny you’ve ever seen. ‘Til next time, folks!


 Thanks for this awesome sponsored trip, Aunt Deb!!! 

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