House Project: The Mirrored Window

There is no failing in a journey, right?

This week’s project was part of #43: Having my home or a creation of mine featured on Apartment Therapy. This will ultimately boil down to me doing a ton of home projects. So this week, I started one of those projects. I had recently read about this awesome spray paint that makes windows become mirrors. Seriously? Yes, seriously. It kind of set my mind all crazy-like with ideas. I decided I was going to make an old window into a modern mirrored piece above my fireplace mantle in the bedroom. Below are the steps I took.

Finding a free beat up old vintage window on craigslist was pretty easy. I cleaned it up, which took about two hours and some serious man power.

Making this process as cheap as possible, I decided to use some old grey paint that I already had. The shade was a tiny bit lighter than my dream color, but it would work.  I taped up the cleaned windows, and dove into the painting process.

Finally it dried even though it started to hail on it while it was drying outside. Note to self: check the weather forecast before you start painting something next time.

My Krylon Looking Glass spray can finally arrived in the mail, and I immediately got to turning the old windows into hot trendy mirrors. I figured it would really open up my room and bring in the light from the bay windows.

That’s me thuggin out with my spray paint.

But the sad truth is….two things: 1. This is the first time I have spray painted anything. I had no idea it would clump up like it did…hmmm, maybe clump isn’t the word for it. I imagined it would go on as a super smooth coat, but if you don’t keep your hand moving constantly when you’re spraying, it looks all….lumpy like. Lumpy, clumpy, you get the idea.

But still, five coats later it was….blah.  Super blah.  The ‘mirror’ effect ended up looking more like ‘reflective dirtyness’. I thought the mirrors would update the look of the old window, but instead it just made it look older. A little bit too antique-y.

It would be kind of cool if I had a shabby chic look to my house, but I would say my house is a little more clean and modern than shabby.

Furthermore it was way too big for the space above my mantle. It just didn’t look right.

So after looking at it from every angle, propping and re-propping it, and finally bringing Michael in for a second opinion, I have decided to send it back to the land of craigslist. Someone else might have a house with a style that this is perfect for. Or maybe someone has a better idea of how to refurbish it.

And since I’m blogging about my home projects for the first time, I’ll tell you this is not the first time something like this hasn’t worked out. For example, if I had to count, I think I might have brought four different coffee tables into our house in the last year. Trying things out and sending them back onto craigslist isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a process of trial and error until ultimately the house has evened out into a place full of awesome perfection. This, what I’ll call my “Antique Looking Glass Window Piece,” cost me ten dollars and three hours. I’ll sell it for $20 and be happy that it was time fun spent.

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