What Can I Start Now?

Given my obvious recent inspiration, I would like to start in on this list pretty much now. Obviously some things I won’t get to until I’m a real adult and make a real amount of money (I’m looking at you #38 and #39).  But, broke as I am, there are still some things I can start in on now.  They are below:

47. Eat 100 new foods

They don’t have to be fancy foods! And I have to eat even when I’m broke, right?  I think I am going to try to make a habit of buying one thing I’ve never had before every time I go to the grocery store.

46. Take a picture of every single thing I love in SF

My friends and loved ones know I have a penchant for analog film, but 35mm film costs money.  So bring on the digital!  Also, digital will be easier to post on this here blog of mine.

43. Have my home or a creation of mine featured on AT

It is my opinion that it doesn’t take expensive designer furniture to have a sweet house tour on Apartment Therapy.  Most of the best ones just have awesomely refurbished junk and cool colors.  And I can totally do that.  In fact, I’m in the middle of a project right now.

32. Make a list of my top 10 favorite foods in SF

I’m just now realizing this will be an ever-changing top ten since I’ll always be going to new places and other places will inevitably close.  Maybe I’ll start it now as the top ten foods I’ve had in SF.  That means it’s already been paid for! Boo yeah!

23. Read Anna Karinina

I’ve owned it for seven years now.  Sitting on my bookshelf, it’s ready and waiting to be cracked open again despite my difficulty in grasping the ridiculous amount of characters.

So here I go!

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